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CD400 is a robust machine-mounted fastening machine developed for Fastclip FC/FE, e-clip, and PR401 with a capacity to fasten/unfasten up to 40 sleepers per minute.

CD400 can be equipped with sensors to enable automatic fastening and unfastening for increased productivity and safety. With sleeper lifting, the operator can lift low-lying sleepers for efficient fastening.

CD400 is easy to adjust for work. The sturdy construction provides increased lifespan while maintaining safety.

CD400 is available in three versions:

  • CD400 Fastclip/e-clip, for fastening and unfastening Fastclip FC/FE, e-clip, and PR401.

  • CD400 Fastclip, for fastening and unfastening Fastclip FC/FE.

  • CD400 e-clip, for fastening and unfastening e-clip and PR401.


  • Intelligent control system

    The intelligent control system simplifies operation and prevents incorrect usage. The system's automation ensures correct fastening and reduces the risk of damage to the shoulder and clips.

  • Informative display

    Information about the number of installed clips and operating hours allows for monitoring during work. Error code display simplifies troubleshooting in case of a potential system malfunction.

  • Efficient and durable

    Robust construction and a design that ensures both safety and efficiency in the work.

  • Reduced risk of personal injuries

    Protective cages over tools, as well as stops preventing clips from flying away, enhance safety for railway personnel.

Technical Data

CD300 IQ

Clip: FC,FE, e-clip, PR401

Offset clips: Yes

Clipping: 4 clips per cykel

Unclipping: Up to 4 clips per cycle

Capacity: Up to 40 sleepers per minute

Sleeper lift: Up to 90 mm

Width: 2100 mm

Length: 2500 mm

Height: 1030 mm

Weight: 1400 kg

Wheels: Ø 250 mm

Gauge: 1435 mm


Machine bracket: S45, S50, S60

Lifting brackets for fork lift

Bluetooth connection between driver´s cab and tool (only IQ)

Remote controlled joystick

Additional Information

CD300IQ is delivered with CE marking according to the standard:

  • Machinery directive: 2006/42/EC

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC): 2014/30/EU

  • Safety of machinery - General principles for design Risk assessment and risk reduction: EN ISO 12100:2010

  • Safety of machinery – Electrical equipment - EN 60204-1

  • Safety of machinery – Control systems: EN ISO 13849-1:2015

Product Approval:

Network Rail: PA05/01477