Clip Driver CD100B

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Clip Driver CD100B

A versatile battery-powered handheld tool for fastening and unfastening FASTCLIPS. CD100B is completely emissions-free and is particularly suitable for work in tunnels, platforms, and areas with a high concentration of people.

With a capacity of up to 10 sleepers/minute and ergonomic design, CD100B is ideal for minor fastening and unfastening works, such as during switch replacement. The low weight allows CD100B to be easily lifted on and off the track by one person.

The tool is powered by an electric motor and balanced by a support wheel, creating excellent ergonomics for the operator, reducing the risk of strain injuries.

Thanks to its design, CD100B can lift sleepers up to 10 mm during fastening.

CD100B consists of three different modules: the motor unit, fastening tool, and unfastening tool.


  • Emission-free

    An environmentally friendly, battery-powered tool, free from emissions, and with low noise levels suitable for a pollution-free work environment.

  • Compact design and low weight

    The compact design and low weight make CD100 ideal for minor maintenance tasks where the work is performed by one person.

  • Ergonomic design

    The ergonomic design and low weight allow the operator to adjust CD100 for safe work, reducing the risk of strain and wear injuries.

  • Minimized risk of injuries

    CD100 eliminates the need for manual tools for fastening and unfastening Fastclip, thus reducing the risk of injuries associated with these tasks.

  • Versatile tool

    The modular design allows for easy interchangeability of tools for clipping and unclipping.

Technical Data

Power Unit

Weight: 19 kg (incl battery)

Height: 400 mm

Length: 480 mm

Width: 260 mm

Battery: 6 Ah - 82 V

Battery capacity: 300 arbetscykler

Max. hydraulic pressure: 190 bar

Noice level: 79,2 dB (A)

Clipping Tool FC/FE/FCX

Weight: 24 kg

Height: 390 mm

Length: 580 mm

Width: 210 mm

Max force: 33,8 kN

Capacity: 10 sleepers/min

Declipping Tool FE/FCX

Weight: 29 kg

Height: 450 mm

Length: 560 mm

Width: 371 mm

Max force: 23,9 kN

Capacity: 10 sleepers/min

Declipping Tool FC/FCX

Weight: 24 kg

Height: 400 mm

Length: 560 mm

Width: 270 mm

Max force: 23,9 kN

Capacity: 10 sleepers/min

Additional Information

CD100 is delivered with CE marking according to the standard:

  • Machinery directive: 2006/42/EC

  • Electromagnetic compatibility (EMC): 2014/30/EU

  • Safety of machinery - General principles for design Risk assessment and risk reduction: EN ISO 12100:2010

  • Safety of machinery – Control systems: EN ISO 13849-1:2015

Product Approval:

  • SNCF: AGT 23 036