Sleeper Replacer SB40

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Sleeper Replacer SB40 is a tool developed for safe and efficient work during sleeper replacement. 

SB40 is light a weight tool suitable for carrier machines between 8-12 tons.  The sleeper grapple is compatible with most types of sleepers and the ballast blade is designed to fit 1435 mm rail gauge. 

SB40 can be complemented with buckets for excavating ballast or wet materials. Optionally, an Automaster is also available for Fastclip installation.

  • Accessories

  • Automaster

  • Ballast buckets

  • Wet material buckets


  • Versatile

    Thanks to the ability to mount buckets on the blade and an Automaster for fastening, only one tool is needed for a successful outcome.

  • Lightweight

    The SB40 has been designed to be lightweight and is the ideal choice for smaller carrier machines weighing 8 to 12 tons. 

Technical data

SB40 1435 mm

Gauge: 1435 mm

Length: 1370 mm

Width: 2590 mm

Height: 1035 mm

Weight: 530 kg

Rail Type: 50 kg/m, 60 kg/m

Additional Information

SB40 is delivered with CE marking according to the standard:

  • Machinery directive: 2006/42/EC

  • Safety of machinery - General principles for design Risk assessment and risk reduction: EN ISO 12100:2010

  • Safety of machinery – Control systems: EN ISO 13849-1:2015